8 Things to Know Before Using Wix

Wix is one of the leading website builders in the world today. Thousands of websites are created using this platform. This is a free website builder that can help you get online without the need for technical experience. But before you use Wix there are some important things you need to know about using this platform.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wix?

Just like any other website builder Wix comes with advantages and disadvantages. While they are known for being easy to use and provide free premium quality website templates it can be difficult to change templates and unless you spend money your website will contain ads that you don’t profit from.

What are the Advantages of Wix?

Free Premium-Quality Websites: Wix has always prided itself on being free. That doesn’t make the software basic. There are thousands of templates and design options to choose from.

Easy-to-Use: It’s simple to use Wix. The drag-and-drop method of creating your website makes building a website easy for everyone without technical expertise. And the results are just as high-quality.

Security with Speed: So often security comes at the expense of speed as bulky security programs reduce performance. Wix has the highest level of security for your website without compromising on performance.

What are the Disadvantages of Wix?

Difficult to Change Templates: Changing the template for your website after you’ve already selected one requires you to re-insert your original content all over again. This can make changing your website’s layout time-consuming.

Adverts on Free Version: The completely free version of Wix comes with visible ads. You will need to upgrade to one of the paid packages to remove them.

Who Wix is Ideal For

Wix is the ideal platform for individuals and business owners who have no technical experience. All you must do is drag-and-drop the various elements you wish to have on each page.

It’s also perfect for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a website. Wix can be tested for free and their paid packages are extremely affordable.

Finally, Wix is perfect for those who run eCommerce stores. They have introduced a range of advanced eCommerce tools for business owners to work with.

Ease of Use

It couldn’t be easier to create a website with Wix. Every element can be dragged and dropped onto the layout of your choice. For each element, there are a variety of customization options too. Wix is known as a “What You See Is What You Get” web builder for that reason.

The different functions can be difficult to understand for novices, but when you dig into how it works, it takes no more than a half-hour to get to learn everything.

Artificial Design Intelligence

One of the big innovations of Wix is artificial intelligence. Their design-assistant software enables individuals and businesses to feed in their information and the system will build up most of their website without any input.

You can make incremental changes to design the website you want.

Template Design Options

There are simply hundreds of template design options to choose from. These basic templates can be used as a base for building up your website. Template design options are split into multiple categories, so if you run a restaurant you can find templates specifically designed for restaurants. The same principle applies to hotels, photographers, and more.

Wix continues to add brand new templates all the time.


One of the biggest myths about Wix is that the websites aren’t SEO friendly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Wix websites will appear in the same way as websites built by any other platform.

Furthermore, Wix makes it easy for you to add your chosen keywords and other important SEO information.


Wix offers both free hosting and premium packages. Hosting doesn’t require any input from you so you can spend more of your time and resources on building your website. Wix also takes care of technical issues and relevant upgrades without causing any downtime.

In short, it’s one of the best ways of producing a website without worrying about technical problems.


Wix offers multiple pricing plans. The most basic premium package will give you no ads, more bandwidth, and more storage space. It costs about $10 per month. The VIP theme will give you everything, including an online store, email campaigns, and a professional site review for less than $30 per month.

However, all packages are subject to discounts if you pay upfront for one or two years.

Last Word – Wix is the Ideal Website Builder

Wix produces a website builder that’s simple to use, utilizes the latest technology, provides excellent support, and gives you the flexibility you need to build the perfect website.

Will you be using Wix to build your website?