The 10 Best Tutorials to Improve your Drupal Website

It is common knowledge that websites that are fast generally win out over slower ones when it comes to attracting and maintaining site visitors. Usually, visitors tend to stick longer with websites that have fast page loading speeds compared to those where they have to spend time waiting for long before they load. To put it very simply, the performance of a site affects your flow of traffic, the number of conversations, your revenue/profits, as well as your SEO rankings!

As one of the most widely used and popular open-source or free Content Management System (CMS), Drupal holds a big share of the Internet website market. Drupal is used widely to power nearly all forms of online presence such as personal blogs, businesses/enterprises, and government-run sites.

Among the best techniques of improving your website’s search engine optimization is through installing suitable SEO modules. Whether you are an old hand or just starting out, this list of the best 10 Drupal tutorials and references will certainly open new possibilities for you as when using this flexible CMS.

1. Levelten Interactive

In this Levelten Interactive Getting Started video course, you are provided with a free video series which has been created for the purpose of introducing you to Drupal and getting you going in terms of building your own Drupal system. The Levelten Interactive course has been designed for both experienced and beginner web developers. It is an excellent way of beginning your Drupal experience.


On this site, you have access to online training videos software on the use of Drupal. Available are videos designed to assist beginners as well as those developers with intermediate experience. You get to explore a variety of topics such as editing and creating themes that are customized, online store creation, data visualization/reporting, and advanced training.

With, you pick the areas you want to be trained on from a series of tutorials designed by industry experts. In addition, you will have access to an extensive subscription library with resources prepared by developers who are very passionate about teaching. The basic modules are available without charge, but advanced ones are only available on subscription.

3. SEO Checklist

Are you starting with Search Engine Optimization and need to grasp the basics? SEO Checklist module lists for you the most critical SEO tasks that you need to know in a simplified easy-to-do format. It covers creating good titles for your page to URL paths optimizing and keywords.

Take one task on your checklist at a time, ticking each one off once it’s done to build a website that is SEO-friendly. This module even encourages the installation of analytics software from reputable Drupal web hosting companies so that you can track traffic sources and on-site activity.

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks prides itself in being the most Eco-Friendly hosting company in the world, offering a broad range of hosting services. They host Drupal sites in the thousands. Besides installation guides, GreenGeeks offers 24/7/365 friendly online support. Their scripts are updated regularly to ensure you get the latest Drupal installations. GreenGeeks is among the best Drupal web hosting companies and this is why they should be your Drupal hosting provider!

5. Digett

This site has a useful series of video tutorials suitable for Drupal web hosting companies and users. These are presented as step-by-step instructions that you will need to complete a specific task using Drupal. Also available are several services for web developers designed to assist those interested in SEO, content generation, design, and social media.

Digett provides tactical support for brand and technical infrastructure. Their team stands ready to assist in terms of upgrade procedures, standard maintenance, training and retraining on issues related to the administrative features as well as issue resolution.

6. Website SetUp

Digett is concerned with web design, publishing and marketing. This guides you how to develop a simple Drupal business website or even for personal use. Website SetUp explains how a number of additions could make your basic site much better when it comes to creativity, security, and versatility.

7. Drupal Camp

Drupal camp is an online community that you can easily access any hour of the day. This is particularly good if you are beginner who wants to know more about Drupal online. The site offers free video online tutorials. It even allows the sharing of the free videos as well as sharing of testimonials about your Drupal experience.

8. Pathauto

Pathauto facilitates the creation of custom URL paths for your content and in selecting your own business URL aliases for particular site pages. This assists Google as well as other search engines to easily “theme” your posted content and in working out the key website topics. The Pathauto module utilizes tokens, which you can easily modify according to the structure of your website and in targeting search keywords.

9. OS Training

This module offers a searchable directory for your Drupal blog posts and themed tutorials. The module’s how-to guides have been arranged in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow. The developers also offer support and several self-paced video classes.

10. Best Web Designz

Developing the best possible web design is a combination of knowing the needs of your visitors, your requirements, and designing the website functionality, flow, and aesthetics. Best Web Designz offers in excess of 20 articles teaching about using Drupal. These teach about installing, maintaining and managing your Drupal site. It teaches developers about designing and setting up own online stores, password changing, and managing online user’s activity.


With the right modules, content combination, and SEO knowledge, Drupal is among the best platforms for building search-friendly sites available today. Of course, besides the above-mentioned 10 leading strategies, there are also lots of other useful options that you can employ towards boosting the performance of your Drupal.

For instance, using Drupal Camp 24×7 can bring positive results. This is an online community that’s supported by many Drupal web hosting professionals, and very handy if you are just starting on Drupal. It provides many video tutorials for free and facilitates communication and sharing of Drupal experiences.