5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

The web host you choose can determine the success of your online ventures. Avoid poor web hosts because they can hinder your success by slowing down your website and experiencing regular downtime. Poor web hosts can also lead to poor customer experience. Do not make the mistake of choosing the first hosting service you find.

1. Choosing a Free Host

Some people are drawn to the idea of free hosting because they do not have to spend much. However, choosing free hosting services comes with its own problems including:

  • The host may run unwanted third party advertisements on your website.
  • You may be restricted from scaling your website as your business expands.
  • You may experience poor results in search engine optimization.
  • Some scripts may not run on your site.

Generally, you may lack control over your site and end up with low quality service if you choose a free hosting service.

2. Not Checking Hosting Reviews

Many web hosting companies’ websites include packages that sound like a dream. Their offers may be so enticing that many people do not take time to go through important details. Such luring offers should serve as a red flag. Do not choose a web hosting service before going through their reviews. Get all the information you need by reading honest web host reviews. Consider checking reviews from reliable sites with knowledge of various web host services. Keep an eye out for fake positive reviews put up by some hosting companies. Some red flags to watch for when checking reviews include:

  • Complaints about downtime.
  • Complaints about customer service.
  • Complaints about security issues including virus attacks.

When searching for reviews on search engines, use search terms like “complaints against abc hosting company” and “review of abc hosting company”. Such search terms will make it possible for you to get genuine reviews and not paid reviews or biased reviews written by the hosting companies.

3. Choosing Unsuitable Hosting Packages

You may choose a good hosting company, but end up choosing the wrong hosting package. Small sites that are just starting out often have cheap, shared hosting plans. However, if your business already has a considerable following or if you expect your traffic to increase, it is better to start with a better package. Carefully consider the features that come with your hosting package. Cheap hosting packages may not have features like domain privacy, email support, SSL certificates, and other useful features that your site may need.

On the other hand, you do not have to choose a dedicated hosting package and buy additional add-ons if you have a small personal blog. It is important to consider the features that your site needs before choosing a hosting package. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about your hosting package having insufficient features because many hosting companies allow users to upgrade their packages to suit the needs of their sites. To avoid problems in the future, begin by researching your potential hosts thoroughly and compare their plans before choosing one that is best for your site.

4. Not Looking at Restrictions

The hosting industry is very competitive. This competition has pushed some hosting companies to use unscrupulous sales techniques to lure people to buy their hosting packages. Some even claim to offer unlimited services that are not truly unlimited. What many people fail to understand is that unlimited hosting can be limited. It is important to think about the limitations that the hosting service can have on your site. Be sure to research your site’s space and bandwidth requirements. It is not easy for hosting firms to take advantage of you once you have done your research. In addition, keep an eye out for the following restrictions:

  • Missing SSH.
  • Inability to add statistics.
  • Restricted POP accounts.
  • Inability to install your own software.

Information about these restrictions may not be posted on the hosting company’s sign up page. Therefore, contact the hosting site and ask as many questions as you can about your hosting package. Find out if the hosting package allows users to use a shopping cart or if you will be authorized to use SSH.

5. Going with a New Company

Some new hosting companies offer poor hosting services. Since most of them are excited about the idea of signing up new customers, they give out all types of freebies, software, rewards, cheap packages, and exciting deals to lure potential clients. However, their incompetence and inexperience normally catches up with them with time. Many new hosting companies are only great for a few months because they sign up so many people within a short time, without upgrading their services. With time, their clients become more than their services can handle and their servers may crash, leaving their clients helpless and confused. Ensure that you choose a hosting company that offers excellent customer service, minimal or no down time, and great loading speeds.

Avoid new hosting services that have not been tested and proven. It is advisable to choose hosting companies that have been in business for at least five years. The hosting company should also be able to offer services and features that can be upgraded as your site grows. Remember, your company’s reputation heavily lies on the services and reliability of your web host.

Your business website makes up at least a part of your income and when you experience hosting problems, it can affect your profits. The biggest nightmare for business owners is having their hosting companies going down without warning, taking too long to resolve the problem, failing to secure websites, or overcharging for extras. Therefore, business owners should carefully choose their hosting services to avoid such problems.