24 Captivating Circle Business Cards

The one way to promote your business to the customers is by using a business card. There are another shape that can bring more good impression in your business card and the other design layout for posters and canvas prints. You can use circle shapes to create a point of emphasis, interest, or dominance. Beside that a circle is timeless, simple and memorable.

I have compiled a list of sleek and wonderful circle business cards designs for your inspiration. After going through this list of business cards you won’t be needing much more inspiration than you have already gained. If you enjoyed this post, please consider to subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.

1. Elegant Business Card Design

Elegant Business Card Design

2. 2 Inch Circular Business Card

2 Inch Circular Business Cards

3. JPD Business Card

JPD Business Card
JPD Business Card

4. Creative Sweet

Creative Sweet

5. Hypno Design Circle Business Card

Hypno Design Circle Business Card

6. Min Business Card

Min Business Card

7. Circle Business Card

Circle Business Card

8. Design Shop

Design Shop

9. Daniel Ballou Business Card

Daniel Ballou Business Card

10. Nebula Business Card

Nebula Business Card

11. Handmade Paper Circle Business Card

Handmade Paper Circle Business Card

12. Cool Circle Business Cards

Cool Circle Business Cards

13. Jake Moore Business Card

Jake Moore Business Card

14. New Circle Business Card

New Circle Business Card

15. Bravegrrl Business Cards

Bravegrrl Business Cards

16. Business Cards for La Charcuterie

Business Cards for La Charcuterie

17. Michaelangela – Business Cards

Michaelangela – Business Cards

18. Double Sided Business Card

Double Sided Business Card

19. Whatsup Juggling

Whatsup Juggling

20. My Mini Circle Business Card

My Mini Circle Business Card

21. JMetz Design Branding

JMetz Design Branding

22. New Circle Business Cards

New Circle Business Cards

23. 24pt Round Business Cards

24pt Round Business Cards

24. Amazing Circle Business Cards

Amazing Circle Business Cards

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  1. These are nice business cards!!! i got some clients using some of these as examples. Some of these cards wonder around the internet as examples to people.

    thanks for getting these designs together

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