Eco Christmas Gift Ideas under $50

When it comes to Christmas, you start thinking about shopping and celebrations while decorating your home with Christmas tree, stars and Christmas lights etc. But if you think about Christmas gifts then you must know that it’s time to join the popular Green current, as there are many options available today allow you to do this. If you are looking for a green gift that is perfect for birthdays, weddings or other events, you can choose green. The eco friendly products are long lasting, they have a great design, and the designated person will see that you care about him or her, but also about the environment.

Christmas gifts

Moreover, you can find products of this type for less than 50$, which will save you good money!

1. Jimi Wallet

This is the perfect green present for men and women. It is useful colored, and resistant to water and extensive usage. This is the wallet that will offer you some interesting features. It is made only from recycled materials; it has a detachable clip for money and a ring that allows you to secure the wallet to a chain. It comes in 16 colors and it is priced under 15$.

2. Recycled Chopsticks Folding Basket

This is actually a serving bowl made from recycled chopsticks, which were cleaned and boiled in a special type of tea to give them that brown image. It is perfect for bread, fruits or snacks. The recycled chopstick soap dish can also be a great choice.

3. Reclaimed State Cheeseboard

The new cheese-serving platter will be forever in your house, as it is resistant and interesting. Your guests will probably be confused at first, when they will see you with this platter. You need to write the name on the board, because this product comes with chalk included!

4. Record Bowl

This bowl is made of old recycled plastic disks. It is even possible to choose your gender. Disco, rock, jazz and folk are the preferred types. Of course, it is harder to find the modern types of music.

5. Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses

The bottle glasses are made from pieces of Bordeaux bottle wines, and they are embroidered with the slogan “protect the Earth”. They come in sets of 4, and they are available in different versions: Water, Air, Wildlife and Seasonal.

6. Recycled Plastic Mixing Bowls

Those bowls are made from recycled materials, without plastic or BPA. It is safe for the dishwasher, as they come with handlers and pouring sprouts.

7. Curly Lamps

This is a stylish green present: it is a single coil of green plastic, which covers a fluorescent bulb. it is even interesting when turned off, as it looks like an interesting sculpture.

8. Bamboo Bath Towels

It is easy to shop green, and with those towels, you will be able to. With those bamboo towels, you will protect the environment, but there are also the bathrobes, t-shirts and sheet sets that are just as interesting!

9. EyeMax Solar Radio

This is a solar powered radio with a handler, which will be a great companion during the long stormy autumn nights. It has an integrated flashlight, and it has an interesting aspect with that blue case.

10. Love and Toast Fragrances

Those are natural fragrances of jasmine and vanilla, so they are the perfect present for your beloved spouse.

So now you can enjoy your mega events by purchasing gifts under 50 bucks and can celebrate the Christmas with your friends and family in a happy and eco-friendly environment.

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