Web Hosting for Your Business

Your business website is not just an advertising tool or a phone listing. It’s a valuable resource and method of getting through to your clientele and potential customers. You need the best in technology and web development to make it successful. But, reaching your client base online doesn’t have to be any harder than traditional methods.

Finding a Designer

Your first decision is what type of development you want to go with. While you must consider what your website should be and do, your budget and when you want to release the site for the public, don’t fail to consider methodology. Put simply, there are two ways that software and website developers can go. Which direction you choose will determine what you need from your web designer. The oldest method, known as “waterfall,” requires clearly designed steps that lead from one point (the idea) to another (ultimately, the release of the website). Using a waterfall method means that there is little that can be changed once the site is released. The site will undergo significant testing before the public sees it and any bugs will be worked out ahead of time. The other alternative is the “agile” method. This allows corrections and changes to be made even after the site is up and running. You get your website out there much more quickly but with less rigorous testing. So, when you’re considering designers, you need to know which method suits your business needs, timeline and budget best. Find a designer that knows the method you prefer.

Selecting Hosting

Your other decision is where your website’s home is going to be. Finding software or business website hosting that fits your budget and methodology requirements should involve your website designer or design team. When you have established whether you’re using the waterfall or agile method, the task becomes easier. Licensing for software, unless you get freeware, limits how many computers can be used in development. You get more control with hosting software but you lose mobility of access. If being able to update and modify your site from mobile locations is important, online hosting is the way to go. Matching up your methodology and need for mobile access will help you make the final call. A smaller hosting site can offer reductions in rates that you might not find with some of the more widely advertised websites. Make sure that your graphic requirements are supported, as well. Most hosting sites offer photo editing capability, allowing you to showcase the perfect design for your business.

Your business’s online presence relies on two things. You need the right designer and hosting platform. When you have chosen and contracted for both of these, you can move on to targeted marketing so that your potential clients are reached effectively. Your website is the front door of your business and the point of entry for both new customers and repeat business. Making the right choices now will make your profits more significant later.

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