6 Great Tools for Designers From Wix

Web design is about so much more than making a website look pretty. It has to offer a great user experience. One study said that 77% of experts agree that a weak user experience is the biggest issue websites face.

Wix has all the tools you could ever need to produce an elegant website that also offers users an incredible experience. It allows you to fulfill the needs of your customers.

We’ve compiled a list of six great design tools that every designer should be using with Wix.

Introducing Vector Art Website Graphics

Grabbing the attention of your visitor is crucial. You may have thought that using an online logo maker to design your own logo was enough, but no you can go further than that.

Vector Art Website Graphics allow you to choose from thousands of illustrations. Furthermore, you can make things better when you combine more than one illustration to make something unique. These are the stock graphics you have total control over.

Plus, they never go pixelated because they are designed using special mathematical formulas, so you can size and resize as much as you like without any problems.

Moving from Clipart to Original Illustrations

The era of clipart has long gone. Today you can get hundreds of free illustrations that you would normally have to pay extra to a designer for.

These illustrations are higher quality than traditional clipart yet cheaper than hiring your own designer. Now has never been a better time to get top class art on your website to really turn some heads.

Instead on the now old-fashioned clipart images that brew back memories from the beloved word art section, these new and beautiful illustrations can come in handy both for professional designers, as well as for laymen who wish to add some color and life to their site and a fast, fun, and easy way.

“High on Design” a Great Design Inspiration Blog from Wix

The High on Design blog is a creation of Wix itself. Wix always wants its customers to be inspired by the latest designs. There is no longer any need to scroll the Internet for inspiration.

Wix Designers Playground

Wix Design Playground is a very cool initiative aimed at professional designers using Wix to create their websites. The Design Playground offers inspirational materials for designers, as well as enrollment for a 3-month program in NYC featuring top designers. The enrollment for June 2018 is already closed, but it’s worth keeping an eye on this intriguing program for future events.

Wix Logo Maker

The Wix Logo Maker is your chance to create a professional logo without the expense of hiring a professional designer. Nothing is more important than your logo because it is the ultimate expression of your business. Think about all of the famous brands that you can recognize just by looking at their logos.

Now you understand how important it is. So how does the Wix Logo Maker design logos?

It happens right in your browser. After answering a few simple questions, the logo maker will generate an array of beautiful options for you. All you have to do is choose. If you are still not happy with the result, you can adjust the shapes, the colors, the fonts, and anything else you want to have in your logo to meet your exact taste and needs.

Furthermore, unlike most logo creators, you automatically get the high-resolution vector graphics. These can be reproduced in any size, without quality loss.

These logos can be featured across your entire business. So if you want to have your new logo printed onto a coffee cup for the office, you can do it without changing anything about your design.

How to Choose the Best Fonts for Your Website (And other great resources)

An often forgotten aspect of a website is the font. Most people assume the default font is good enough and it is not something that really matters.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Additionally, the font you choose will depend on your audience and how you want them to react.

Wix has published a guide that demonstrates how you should go about choosing the best font for your website. It includes a number of examples and shows you the thought process that should go into your website’s font. There are many great materials in this style on the Wix blog. Definitely worth checking it out.

Last Word – Creating the Ultimate Website with Wix

Your website is the heart of your business. Get it wrong and it could cripple your online presence and drive customers away. Wix is a website builder that has your back.

Use these six design tools together to cover every aspect of design. There is no need to have any prior technical experience and there is no need to hire a designer to help. Everything you need is here to create a website from the comfort of your browser in a single afternoon.

So, are you ready to create the ultimate website with Wix?