Should You Use the WWW or the non-WWW for WordPress SEO?

The debate over using the WWW or the non-WWW version of your domain name for WordPress SEO has been an ongoing thing. There are people on both sides of the issues, so it’s certainly worth looking at.

Before we get into benefits and the technical details, it’s important to note that for a small business owner or a personal website owner, there really isn’t a difference in the WWW or the non-WWW for your site. This comes down to a personal preference.

Since this is the case, if you already have your site up and you have content on it, don’t make any change to the WWW or the non-WWW form.

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Benefits of WWW vs. Non-WWW for SEO

Even if you read somewhere that it’s better for SEO to use one or the other, there are no benefits of one over the other. Google has even said this when they received the question in their support forum.

The most important thing for your SEO is consistency. If you choose to start your website with the WWW, don’t change it and the same goes if you choose to start it with the non-WWW. You don’t ever want to change this, once you’ve started.

Telling Google

You can even let Google know about your personal preference in this matter. Just use the Google Webmaster Tools and add your site. Once you do this, you can click the gear icon and select the option for “site settings”. From here, you can choose your preference for the domain as either the WWW version or the non-WWW version.

Technical Difference

Is there a technical difference between the WWW or the non-WWW version? There is a little bit of a difference when it comes to the DNS and the ability to restrict cookies. If you’re using multiple subdomains, the WWW may be a better choice for you. However, the non-WWW is known as a naked domain and doesn’t provide any technical advantages.

The WWW will give you some technical advantages, which can help, but there is not such a huge difference that using the non-WWW will hurt you in any way.

Overall, there isn’t much of a difference between using the WWW or the non-WWW for your domain name. You won’t gain any WordPress SEO benefits from one or the other. However, there are some technical benefits to using the WWW form.