Top Accounting WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

As technology rapidly creeps in our lives, it is a must for businesses to adapt, unless they want to be left behind. Businesses now go online and even have the chance to choose web hosting sites. These technological advancements mean that companies have to let go of their paper ledger and embrace accounting software tools that allow them to monitor their profits, forecast sales, and handle inventory.

In this ever-changing world, those who can efficiently manage their accounts stay on top and those still relying on manual ledgers, which are prone to human error, eventually lose more. In the case of startups, they know that they can do better if they outsource accounts payable functions. It is crucial to know more about accounting WordPress plugins that can help bring your business to new heights.

Here are some of the top accounting WordPress plugins that you can use:

Zoho Books

This accounting software is ideal for small business owners who want to monitor their cash flow and finances closely. It is one of the most widely used plugins for its user-friendly interface. Aside from allowing users to manage their accounting with ease, Zoho Books also has impressive customer support and security measures. Users can send professional invoices and also accept online payments. Other features include the creation of GST invoices, and tracking and organization of inventory.

CBX Accounting

This WordPress plugin is free to use. CBX Accounting allows users to manage their balance sheets, helping them to efficiently track their expenses and income. It comes with a Pro version that offers more advanced features, such as statement add-on and log manager. It also allows users to select varying categories for income and expenses, as well as provide an analysis of financial statistics. It also has an overview of the income and expenses in months and years through automatic charting.


Developed by weDevs, WP ERP is probably the best free accounting WordPress plugin as it is packed with features. More than just an accounting plugin, WP ERP also features WP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for marketing purposes, and the much needed WP Human Resource Management (HRM) module. Most business owners choose to use this plugin because it is easy to understand and use. For one, users can transfer money quickly. Additionally, editing and printing  invoices is also hassle-free. It also allows users to have an overview of unpaid invoices, expenses, revenue, and receivables. Users can also do a real-time preview of all the reports.


Another accounting plugin that helps users carry out their daily accounting activities is QuickBooks. With this plugin, users can easily create invoices, print checks, and manage inventory, among other things. It does not require technical knowledge to operate, plus it comes with a comprehensive package that includes advanced accounting features. They also have a very responsive support team; should you find yourself in a bind, you know you can get help from them.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

While GoDaddy is more popular as a domain name registrant, the company also offers cloud-based bookkeeping software services for small businesses and startups. It features invoice management and combined payment via PayPal and Stripe gateways. It also comes with automatic tracking of all transactions via profit and loss reports. Users can also benefit from GoDaddy’s data security.

Final Words

Whatever accounting WordPress plugin you choose, it is always best to commit to learning how to use it properly and not to rely on it entirely. Your business is your responsibility, and you decide on how you should handle it. Your chosen plugin would depend on what you input and is, in no way, responsible for business failure. These tools are there to make your life easier but not to do your job for you. Your strategies should also factor here.